Restaurantbyclick has teamed up with 3-time Emmy Award winning video production company Vintage Production Group to offer Web Video Marketing services that will entice you guests and drive sale. Now you can harness the incredible power of web video to personalize your restaurant and really highlight your main products, The food and the atmosphere.
Imagine clicking on a menu item and having your chef come up and explain the dish, while you are seeing mouthwatering HD video of the finished dish. Where are you going to dinner?
Show a potential guest around your restaurant, highlight the ambience, and let them feel the hospitality. Video Web Marketing will put a face and personality to your restaurant like no other marketing tool can.
We offer a myriad of options from budget conscious Template Profiles to Full Video Interactive Web Menus, call now to discuss which Web Video Marketing Program best suits your restaurants needs!
Template Video Profile/ Template Marketing Videos
This is a series of incredible (prefabricated) HD video shots of your style of food, mixed with Photos of your restaurant and dishes, then we add music and a completely custom voice over to personalize your Marketing Message. We also create template marketing videos for special events like Wine Down Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, St. Patrick’s Day and more. These video can be used on your website, in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and as part of an email campaign.
(Video Sample Xaga, Bellisimmo, Wine Down, Monday Night Football)
Custom Video Profile
Starting at $1,000
This is a custom produced web video commercial for your restaurant shot in stunning HD. Your restaurant, your food, your message, your people take center stage in a Madison Avenue level commercial for a Main Street price. This video can be customized into a broadcast commercial to air on local TV or cable!!!
Video Interactive Menu
Starting at $3,300 (for 15 Menu Items)
Smaller package can be arranged call for details
Select your most impressive, most profitable items to be highlighted in these 20 to 30 second menu item profiles. These profiles allow your chef (or spokesperson) to explain important details about the dish while showing incredibly enticing HD footage of the finished dish. Potential customers will spend more time on your website whetting their appetites with this highly interactive video menu.
Video Marketing Subscription
call for pricing details
The subscription program is a fully implemented, fully custom, multi-tier web- marketing program including production, and implementation. This program includes all aspects of web video marketing including Social Media (Facebook,Twitter and Youtube)implementation, Website implementation, and video email implementation. We will create a custom video package that best markets your restaurant and create a targeted Social Media and Web marketing plan with you and your team. These marketing videos can be developed on a regular basis and touch on all areas of your restaurant.
Video Cookbook
Starting at $ 5,000 (5 Menu Items)
Smaller package can be arranged call for details
These are full, Food Network Level, instructional videos on how to prepare a dish from scratch. This is like having your own TV show to highlight the love that goes into your cooking.
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