Restaurant Online Ordering
Restaurant By Click empowers restaurants and caterers to provide their own branded online food ordering systems. Our cutting-edge technology allows restaurant operators to seamlessly add e-commerce to their businesses, so that customers can order online for pickup and delivery, driving sales beyond the four walls of their stores.
Restaurant By Click comes packed with many features to help restaurants increase their efficiency and accuracy when taking orders. Open payment system, customer data capture, POS integration, interactive menus, and intuitive reporting are just a few of the features. With an email and texting program and advanced coupon toolset, Restaurant By Click will also help your business market automatically.
View a Sample
View a Sample
"The process was very easy to setup. The only concern I had was with the employees getting used to it, but the order receiving process is so straightforward we have not had any issues or missed an order yet."
- Al Haulman, PA
Order Receiving Made Simple
Restaurant By Click order-receiving solutions were designed to work seamlessly for both restaurants with and without internet. All methods can be used simultaneously to ensure you never miss an order.
Print Auto Print Solution
Restaurant By Click Auto Print solution is a proprietary light-weight application that runs quietly on any computer and will automatically print out online orders to any desktop or thermal printer. The Auto Print software also provides a real-time dashboard to view and reprint new, past, and future orders.
Print POS Integration
Restaurant By Click is actively developing integrations with POS vendors (please give us a call to see if your POS is available). With POS integration, Restaurant By Click generates a data schema of a customer’s order details and securely transmits it directly to your POS terminal. Each POS vendor requires a different data schema format, and we can work with your vendor to develop an integration. Our development team will support you and your POS vendor every step of the way - from planning to development and implementation.
Print Email and Fax
Restaurant By Click can send orders to your location(s) by email and fax. Emails and Faxes are immediately sent as soon as your customers place their orders. Restaurant By Click's monitors all fax confirmations to ensure they were sent successfully.
Print Mobile Text Alerts
Restaurant By Click can send you mobile text alerts when new orders arrives. Sending mobile text alerts are FREE and unlimited with the Restaurant By Click service.
Online Ordering that Means Business
Restautant By Click offers a rich feature set that is unmatched in the industry:
Some of our Features include:
Flexible Flexible Order-Taking
Restautant By Click gives you a variety of easy methods to accept online orders. You can receive orders by POS, Printer, Fax, and Email. You can even get alerted of incoming orders by mobile text for free.
Flexible Mobile Compatibility
Restaurant By Click is mobile compatible with all major smart phones, which means your customers can view your menu and place an order from their iPhone, Blackberry, or Droid.
Flexible Unlimited Menus
Restaurant By Click allows you to create unlimited menus (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc.) with unlimited menu items. You can also add sides, toppings, etc. to your items for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
Flexible Customized Design
Restaurant By Click allows you to create a branded experience for your customers. You can customize your website's colors to match your store brand and post photos of your menu items and store.
Flexible Detailed Reports
Log into Restaurant By Click to view reports on your customers' favorite items and sales. You can even export your customers' info to use for future marketing campaigns.
Flexible Open Payment System
Restaurant By Click can send transactions to most third-party payment processors such as First Data, Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Heartland Payment Systems and more. This means you can continue to use your existing payment processor and keep all business transactions on one statement.
Flexible Online Control Panel
Restaurant By Click provides an Online Control Panel where you can access reports and make updates to your menu, coupons, website design, and more - from anywhere, anytime.
Flexible Reliable Lead Time
With Restaurant By Click, you can set separate lead times for pickup and delivery so that customers always give you enough notice to prepare an online order.
Flexible Accurate Delivery Area
Restaurant By Click lets you set a delivery area around your store to prevent delivering to faraway places.
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